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Learn to welcome abundance and live your life on purpose. | taught by Elin Barton
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Elin  Barton
Elin Barton
Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

About the instructor

Elin is a speaker, writer and coach and long-time entrepreneur and business owner.

She's the host of a weekly podcast called Ready, Set, Grit, where she interviews guests on topics related to intentionally crafting a happy and inspired life. A recent guest on the show was marketing guru Seth Godin.

Elin is also the author of Ready, Set, Grit: How to Turn Your Daydream into a Phenomenal Success, which will be published in the fall of 2017, and leads online and in-person workshops to help current and future entrepreneurs on their journeys. Her online course, Your Life On Purpose, guides people to examine old beliefs and embrace new ones.

Elin is passionate about guiding people to "live their life on purpose", on the terms that they set for themselves. Elin's thinking and teaching combines the Law of Attraction with practical real-world experience and attainable steps to help guide you on your path. While Elin believes in spiritual guidance she also understands balance sheets, HR concerns, and what it’s like to juggle running a business, raising kids and trying to juggle cooking dinner and feeding your intellectual curiosity at the same time. She specializes in working with those who describe themselves as either “stuck” or “searching” when it comes to finding their true purpose.

Elin has lived her life on purpose and her journey has taken her to Los Angeles, Prague, London and Edinburgh, to name just a few of the highlights. She currently lives in Upstate New York with her two daughters, husband, horse, two dogs and a cat. Elin says, "My passion is to help others be courageous in finding their own voice and step into their purpose. I believe when you’re in alignment with your purpose, things flow easily. My goal is to help people get closer to that place of flow through what I teach, write and speak, and through my online courses."

Elin also owns White Knight Productions, a video marketing firm, and is a founding member of Project Positive Change, a worldwide network of change makers.

Skype: elin.barton1

Twitter @elinbarton

Are you living your best life already or do you feel like there are things that are holding you back from experiencing all the joy and abundance that we are here on this earth to enjoy?

When asked what it is they really want out of life the vast majority of people have difficulty answering. Over the course of these 7 videos and worksheets you'll get clear on that question and you'll also discover what's been holding you back from achieving your dreams, and how to shift some of those limiting thoughts and beliefs so that you make way for a brighter future.

The accompanying workbook was produced by, and is used with permission from, NYT bestselling author Mike Dooley.

Your instructor for this course, Elin Barton, is one of Mike's certified Infinite Possibilities trainers and enjoys sharing the message that so many need to hear: you really can have and achieve anything that you desire.

Course Contents

8 Videos
7 PDFs
8.0 hrs